We want your vehicle! Get the best value for your trade-in!


So ..... You've decided to sell your sweetheart ...... Not really sure of the BEST way to do that ??? Well.... you can take out one of those "FREE" ads on the net that are limited to a VERY SMALL geographical area ....and you will deal with all the idiot tire kickers in the world that will pick your baby apart and make ridiculously LOW OFFERS.... OR ..... Maybe try a newspaper AD for a few days..... MAYBE a couple hundred people see your two line ad with NO Pictures and a VERY LIMITED amount of copy .... For FIFTY BUCKS !!! You'll be asked " can ya take a trade-in??" or " can ya give me PAYMENTS" ???

NEITHER of which can you do ...... or do you WANT TO ???

Then .... you just FOUND THE RIGHT PLACE !!!!! We are ALL "car guys and girls" here at C&C Auto Classics... We have MANY years in the hobby (Over 30 years in business) and we treat customers as FRIENDS!!! We will advertise YOUR BABY ALL OVER THE INTERNET and practically the ENTIRE PLANET !!! We charge a one time fee of $145.00 -- and keep you listed on OUR SITE and on SEVERAL internet sites for a YEAR !!! We handle ALL the BS'ers, the Wanna-Be's, The Tire kickers and just plain idiots for you .... We can TAKE A TRADE IN and we FINANCE !!! Two BIG POINTS that HELP in the sale of your car ..... WE can place TWENTY PICTURES of YOUR RIDE in ALL the ads and get you the IMMENSE EXPOSURE it takes to find that " right person" that is DYING for YOUR CAR in their garage !!! WE do a PROFESSIONAL JOB of writing the copy for your ad ...... and a PROFESSIONAL JOB of taking the pictures too if you so desire !!!


AS easy as ONE -- TWO --THREE

Bring in your car ( or we can consign over the phone ) and we will discuss the price you need to get ....


We will take PROFESSIONAL PICTURES ( or we can use YOURS if you are far away)....

List your car and get it SOLD for you ......


You receive your MONEY for the vehicle .....

There is NO BETTER deal out there for the money .... and you will be dealing with REAL CAR PEOPLE ... NOT some "Lot" with hundreds of cars on line that were sold YEARS AGO !! We maintain a good relationship with EVERY ONE we have done business with....selling FOR them OR selling TO THEM.

To get the job DONE .... call 856 764 9300 locally -- or -- toll free call 877 467 0244 -- or-- e mail to ccautoclassics@comcast.net --- and we ARE "THE HOME OF THE OLDIES " .